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QEII Swim Club is based at Christ’s College in the central city Rolleston Ave, Christchurch. The pool is a 5-lane indoor swimming pool. It can be found right at the back of the Christ’s College grounds, alongside the Avon River backing onto the Botanic Gardens Cafe & Events Centre.

Access to the pool is through the main gates and by the buildings heading to the west of the grounds. You walk along the path on the river side of the rugby field.

In February 2011 the club lost its home pool due to an earthquake and had to relocate from the north east of the city. Despite this hurdle QEII Swim Club went on to gain some impressive results.

Canterbury Representatives 2015 – Satori Dobbie, Kaylie Jackson, Lucy Jackson

Canterbury Representatives 2014 – Hannah Bates, Stella Cheersmith, Satori Dobbie, Ari Graham, Bradley Jackson, Kaylie Jackson, Lucy Jackson, Brittany Tucker, Cassie Wright

Winners – 2013 New Zealand Juniors

Winners – 2012 New Zealand Juniors

Winners – 2012 Canterbury West Coast Swimming Championships

The club moved across to Jellie Park Recreation and Sport Centre after the earthquakes and ended up losing it’s own coaches after a restructure of the swimming programme by the Christchurch City Council in 2014.

QEII Swim Club has recently found a new coach and pool space to rebuild and are looking forward to anticipated growth.

The club now employs it’s own swim coaches. The Head Coach is Serhiy Palchykov from the Ukraine. Serhiy has experience coaching in Ukraine, Germany and Malaysia.

The Swim Club committee is responsible for the administration of all competitive swimmers who are registered with the club and are known as the QEII Swim Team.

A key swimmer of the club is World Champion and World Record Holder Sophie Pascoe. She was the winner of the 2012 New Zealand Swimming “Swimmer with a Disability’ award as well as the ‘People’s Choice Award’. Sophie is such a fantastic role model to the younger swimmers and a wonderful person to have in the team.

Swimmers progress from their swim lessons through to swim squads. Squads start from Bronze and progress through to keep challenging your ability.

We always need help from parents and some older swimmers to keep the club running and are usually looking for help in a variety of ways to keep the club functioning smoothly.

A team spirit is a feature of the swim club and regularly team members enjoy fun activities away from the pool.  Watch our up and coming swimmers as they progress through the age groups.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Lindsay Fryer says:

    Hi there,
    My almost 11 year old son is a keen swimmer and currently in the brine squads at Jellie Park.
    He’s quite keen on doing some competitions and I was wondering how we’d go about getting him into that?
    Any advice would be great.

    Thank you!

    • Lindsay Fryer says:

      Sorry-that should say bronze squad-not brine!

    • Hi Lindsay
      Sorry to take so very long to get back to you. This site has not been updated for sometime and I am about to resurrect it and noticed your messages. I imagine that you may have found a club for competitive swimming. If not, and you require any help. Please post and I will get back to you.
      Our club has weathered the storm and we are looking forward to our new pool opening mid 2018. We have an awesome coach and the future is looking great for our club.

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